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Insurance Investigations

If you are an insurance adjuster or examiner, it can often be necessary to conduct long, in depth investigations, or to conduct investigations that are a long way from your normal area of operation. Rather than waste time and money traveling, or completing tasks of an extended investigation - such as surveillance - call the experts at Confidential Investigative Services.

At Confidential Investigative Services, we are experienced in handling insurance investigations, including:

  • Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Staged Accidents
  • Unnecessary Medical Treatments
  • Vehicle Insurance Claims
  • Activity Checks
  • Alive and Well Checks
  • And More!

While we know you are a talented, highly trained insurance adjuster or examiner, fully capable of completing investigations on your own, Confidential Investigative Services is here to help you with the leg work necessary to complete any investigation you have open. We have assisted with insurance investigations that range from overstated vehicle damage to fraud rings supported by dishonest doctors and lawyers. No matter how big or small your investigation is, we can help save you time and money by helping you to collect the evidence you need to make a determination on your case.


"I am an insurance investigator. When I don’t have the time or manpower to do a full investigation, I let Confidential Investigative Services do my leg work for me. They are professional, discreet, and really know their job. I’ll never go anywhere else." - Our Client

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