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Infidelity Investigation


Many people do not realize it takes a minimum of three years to even begin to really know another person. With 1/3 of marriages starting as online dating, it can often be difficult to know if you truly know your partner. Suspicion of infidelity can be more damaging to a relationship than the infidelity itself. Instead of living with the uncertainty, let our professional investigators find out the truth for you.

Whether you've known your spouse all your life, or you met only a few short years ago, when you live with someone for an extended amount of time, you just know when something is not right. Don't ever assume you're just being paranoid, and don't let your partner convince you that it's 'all in your head'. More than 3 out of 4 of our clients leave our offices with hard evidence that their suspicions were founded.

If you feel that something is just not right, don't let the suspicion ruin your relationship. Our investigators are experience and professional, and can ensure that your case is investigated with the care and respect you deserve. Our investigators will ensure that your partner is not aware of the investigation unless you want them to be. Trust your gut, and let us find out what secret your partner is keeping from you. We will be happy to discuss the specifics of your case, and help you create the appropriate strategy for your case to find the answers you deserve.


"I never expected that I would need to investigate my husband of 20 years, but I started noticing that something was just not RIGHT. I couldn’t pinpoint it on my own, so I hired an investigator from Confidential Investigative Services. It was the best choice I ever made. He wasn’t cheating on me, he was embezzling from his company! If I hadn’t started my divorce proceedings when I did, I probably would have gone to jail with him, for something I didn’t do." - Our Client

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